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Travel has become an integral part of 21st century life, as many increasingly seek to experience different cultures around the world. However, traveling can be extremely expensive and Orange County living costs don’t always permit the luxury of worldly experiences.


Global Grub is devoted to providing our customers with a monthly international experience through our snack subscription boxes. Each month we send our customers a new snack box containing popular snacks from a different country, all at an affordable cost. We hope to serve the Orange County area by providing an at home “travel” experience. 


Being that traveling and diversity are valuable experiences to those living in the Orange County area, we know that this is what our community wants and needs. Hopefully, our company can continue to grow and reach places beyond Orange County bringing the globe to anyone who dares to taste it.

Rhiannon Toan
Summer Zimmerman

Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operating Officer


Malcolm Harris
Carina Ulloa
Kaylee Bliaya

VP of Digital Media/IT & Chief Financial Officer

Digital Media & IT Employee

Digital Media & IT Employee

Levi Prawl

VP of Marketing & Sales

Omar Perez

Marketing & Sales Employee

Emily Delao

Marketing & Sales Employee

Leslie Perfecto

VP of Human Resources

Yarelin Palencia

Human Resources Employee

Alina Valencia

Human Resources Employee

Enrique Espitia

Finance Employee

Annette Alonso

Finance Employee

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